What We Provide

Ballsbridge’s ABA clinicians use positive reinforcement and other compassionate, evidence-based strategies to teach and strengthen adaptive skills and reduce challenging behaviors that serve as barriers to success.
Receiving care from Ballsbridge first involves a comprehensive assessment of physical and social environments and the clients’ skill strengths and challenges across real-life, everyday contexts.
Next, our ABA clinicians systematically apply the scientific principles of learning to promote meaningful and long-lasting behavior change, within clients’ homes, and communities.
These strategies are also taught to family members and caregivers, as well as other individuals involved in each client’s life, and ongoing consultation is provided to increase their confidence in their ability to support their loved ones.

Ballsbridge Behavior and Consultation Provides the following services:

  1. Parent Consultation and Training to families of children with special needs.
  2. Behavioral Health Services to adults interested in learning self management skills and making changes related to behaviors conducive to health and wellness.
  3. School-based ABA Services – Independent Functional Behavioral Assessments, Consultation, and ABA based training and workshops for school districts.
  4. Business Consultation Services – Consultation services to the businesses interested in growth and productivity through increased employee engagement and improved relationships