ABA services inclusive of Health, Wellness, and Recreation programs

for children diagnosed with Autism, and general population.

Our mission is to build a bridge between behavior analysts and other professionals by creating opportunities for integrated and collaborative work to increase the efficiency and success in achieving the goals of the shared population of clients.



      ABA services for children diagnosed with Autism and

      related disorders.

      Parent training and consultation services.

     Consultations and support for school districts.

      Adult self management programs for preventive care


Design your own individualized health program. An individualized health program will include goals set to change specific behaviors that are identified as important to your health.

What are some example goals?

Increasing physical activity, coping with daily stressors, smoke cessation, and changing your food consumption routine based on your health needs. Your behavior consultant will teach you

to take daily measurements of the behaviors to be changed and the strategies used to change them. These strategies will utilize resources available to you in your immediate environment, will match your preferences, and fit your life style. You will learn to identify the contextual variables that have  an effect on the behaviors, and we will use that information to choose replacement goals that are functionally equivalent to those being changed.


Become independent in increasing the quality

of your life. Learn to become your own agent of change with a Ballsbridge behavior consultant.


Your plan will include strategies that are functionally related to the goals in your behavior plan. We will teach you self management skills so that you can independently apply the strategies written in your behavior plan every day. The strategies used will be based on empirically validated teaching methods derived from the principals of human behavior.


We will help you take validity and reliability measures of the program implementation to further assess the efficiency of it on an ongoing basis. We will work collaboratively to make necessary changes in your program to increase

its efficiency.


You will learn to set your own goals, identify specific behaviors to change, convert them into measureable and observable units, find out environmental variables that have an effect on the behaviors to be changed and apply the techniques of applied behavior analysis to make lasting changes.







Ballsbridge's Wellness Program has the objective to increase self management in developing coping skills necessary to improve health, or interpersonal skills needed to  facilitate access to recreational activities. This may include building the intricate social and communication skills required in successful group participation of sports activities or coping with major changes in daily routine made towards healthier living.

Identifying disruptive behaviors, related contextual variables that maintain them, defining functionally equivalent replacement goals, designing individualized behavior intervention and teaching programs - all are completed through application of the techniques of applied behavior analysis.

Social and communication skills taught in support of participation in sports activities, may include conflict resolution, problem solving, team building and good sportsmanship. Coping skills may include learning to wait for a delayed access to a tangible that has been easily accessible in the past.


Providing increased accessibility and opportunity for children with disabilities to learn skills involved in a recreational program is the ultimate goal of Ballsbridge's Recreational Program.

Prerequisite skills may include attending to a task and to the instructor, responding to the environmental cues, imitation of demonstrated fine and gross motor actions, following directions, or functional communication of basic needs and wants.

Children of all ages diagnosed with neurological, developmental, or a learning disability might have limited access to learning a recreation due to the deficits of pre-requisite skills in learning a recreation.

These skills are commonly taught during early intervention programs that are designed to prepare children to access higher level complex tasks such as the ones involved in recreational activities. The Ballsbridge Recreational Program will offer increased learning opportunity for children who display readiness to learn complex tasks. This will be done through the creation of a collaborative working relationship between a behavior analyst and a recreational instructor and application of teaching methods of applied behavior analysis to teaching a recreational activity.



       Health Net (MHN)

       Anthem Medical



       LA Care





Emily Broberg MS, BCBA

Executive Director

Ms. Broberg has obtained dual masters degrees in Counseling with emphases in Applied Behavior Analysis and Rehabilitation from the California State University, Los Angeles.


She is currently a doctoral student of Business Psychology Ph.D. program at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles.

      Los Angeles Unified School District – she served the students of LAUSD from 2000 to 2007 in many capacities, including her work as an Early Behavior Intervention Counselor and Case Manager.

      North Los Angeles County Regional Center – She continued serving the families of

the Los Angeles County area by building a successful and reputable company providing

in-home ABA services for the clients referred by the NLACRC from 2007 to 2015.

      Ballsbridge Behavior and Consultation Services - Ms. Broberg’s inspiration in founding Ballsbridge Behavior and Consultation Services was to increase opportunities for the clinical application of ABA programs in various service domains such as health, wellness, and recreation.  Her goal is also to connect behavior analysts to other professionals in an effort to increase the efficiency of the services provided to the shared population of clients.

      She has been a resident of Los Angeles County for over 30 years.

Organizational Behavior Management:


As a business owner, CEO, clinical director, and consultant for over 10 years, Ms. Broberg has developed, implemented, and overseen training and supervision protocols for the direct staff, program supervisors, and clinical managers of companies providing ABA services in Los Angeles.  Her roles in management have provided her significant knowledge and experience in the application of behavior analytic approaches and strategies in organizational management and quality assurance techniques.  In supervising clinical and administrative staff, she has emphasized the importance of ethics, professionalism, and case management skills.   Her efforts have been to increase the quality of care by continuously improving and strengthening the reliability and fidelity of measurements, and ensuring compliance with the BACB requirements for the application of behavior skills training model in training and supervision.


Integrated Services and Collaborative work:


During the formative years of her career working as an early behavior intervention counselor and case manager for the Los Angeles Unified School District, she was provided with opportunities to engage in collaborative work with professionals outside the field of applied behavior analysis.  Through these collaborative work relationships, she has gained experience which led to increasing the efficiency of services provided to the shared population of clients.  Her experiences and skills in this domain have been also beneficial for the great many BCBA interns under her supervision and contributed towards improving the quality of care for services.

Clinical skills, experiences, and approach in teaching:

      Designed, implemented, and taught the application of various types of behavior intervention plans and skill acquisition programs for diverse populations of clients, caregivers, and other professionals to increase a vast range of socially significant behaviors.

    Attending to task, the environment, and the instructor, following instructions, participating in group activities, organization, time management, and other pivotal responses to learning.

    Social skills such as learning empathy, conflict resolution, problem solving, social play and interaction, and social safety.

    Parenting skills and adult self management in coping with daily stressors, and increasing behaviors conducive to health such as smoke cessation, increase physical activity, and decreasing sugar intake.

      Her approach in teaching includes placing emphasis on increasing motivational operation, the use of preference assessment tools, and teaching goals that are functional, contextually relevant, and have daily applications in natural environment to increase chances of generalization and maintenance.

Personal interests and application of ABA skills:

      Ms. Broberg believes in applying a scientific approach to teaching, enjoys designing individualized programs, and finds direct clinical work with her clients highly reinforcing.

      She has not adopted, but rather found her outlook in life consistent with the underlying philosophy of behavior analysis.  Her favorite quote is:

“One can picture a good life by analyzing one’s feelings, but one can achieve it only by arranging environmental contingencies.” – B.F. Skinner

      She has applied her skills in applied behavior analysis to increase her own physical activity level, quitting smoking, and sustaining food intake in accordance with her specific health needs and medical condition.

Dr. Shapiro Ph.D., BCBA-D

Clinical Director

Marnie Shapiro, Ph.D., BCBA-D earned her Ph.D. in Special Education and Behavior Analysis at The Ohio State University (OSU) under the mentorship of Dr. Nancy Neef. At OSU, Dr. Shapiro served as a consultant for Buckeye Behavior Analysis Services during which she provided consultation services to public school teachers in urban areas in Columbus, OH and conducted school-based functional behavior assessments. She also taught several undergraduate and graduate classes, was the recipient of several awards and grants (e.g., The B. F. Skinner Foundation, The Ohio State University Leadership Training Grant), and has served as a guest reviewer for JABA and JOBE. Dr. Shapiro's interest in Behavior Analysis was sparked while earning her B.A. and M.A. degrees at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) under the mentorship of Dr. Ellie Kazemi. It was this relationship with Dr. Kazemi that altered the trajectory of Dr. Shapiro’s career. Subsequently, Dr. Shapiro has been passionate about developing effective, efficient training and supervision strategies and is committed to providing effective evidence-based interventions to individuals who can benefit from our services. Dr. Shapiro is excited to be a part of the team at Ballsbridge Behavior and Consultation Services.

Mariela Avalos

Clinical Supervisor

Mariela has 11 years of experience working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. She has implemented behavior analytic strategies in home and school settings to enhance the quality of life for children diagnosed with Autism and various developmental disabilities.  Her teaching experience also includes social skills programs in group settings for learners between ages 2-12 years old, adaptive skills programs, and parent consultation and training.  She has received her Master’s degree in Education, with an emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis, from National University. Her focused interest areas in clinical work include collaborating with educators and other professionals who are committed to teaching children the skills necessary to succeed in classroom and social environments.  Mariela is fluent in English and Spanish, during her leisure time she enjoys traveling, dancing, and working out.   She is also passionate about helping her clients and their families by teaching them how to apply their acquired adaptive, social, and communication skills from home settings to the community through integrated activities.

Chanisara (Sara) Kitpetnee BCBA

Clinical Supervisor

Sara graduated from CSUN's MA in Psychology, with an emphasis in Behavioral Clinical Psychology program in 2014. She has been working in ABA since 2011. Sara has received a wide variety of training during her time at CSUN and in the field, including conducting variations of functional analyses, functional behavior assessments, skills assessments, and using behavioral skills training to train staff. Her areas of expertise include working collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team, using chaining to teach adaptive/self-help skills, using NET to teach verbal operants, and using shaping to desensitize aversive stimuli/situations. She has experience working with individuals between the ages of 2 and 33 years old, with different developmental disabilities, including Autism, Down syndrome, Anxiety disorder, etc. In her spare time, Sara enjoys hiking, reading, snorkeling, and spending time with her dog. She is also passionate about traveling, trying new foods, seeking adventures, and volunteering.

** Aetna, and Optum in process of completion.


Ballsbridge Behavior and Consultation Services



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